Manor, PA's Cat Grooming Experts

Grooming your cat is a great way to reduce shedding and stop matting. It also allows them to cool down during the summer. We offer full grooming services for all breeds of cats. We'll ensure they are comfortable during the process, and you love the end result! Our products are safe and are methods are gentle. Contact us today!

Cat Grooming

Most cats naturally groom themselves, but as they age their thoroughness drops off. We can make your cat look young again and keep them feeling amazing! We offer trims and cuts that look cute and keep your "tom" happy and cool. Our flea treatments can eliminate all irritations and constant scratching. Is there a problem area in your cat's coat? We can help heal the skin and shine up their coat with ease! Contact us today to learn more!
Cat Grooming Service

Trusted Care

When you need a pet groomer it's best to look for an establishment that is clean, has experience in grooming all breeds, is well-maintained, and gives special attention and care to each pet that they work with. Judy's Grooming Pet Supplies & Boarding leads the pack in all of these categories. We love working with pets. Our facility is meticulously disinfected and cleaned on a daily basis and we have over 30 years of experience. That's why we're Manor's leading groomer and kennel service.

Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is something we give to all of our pet guests. No matter your cat's disposition, we'll strive to make them feel at home and at ease. Whether your pet needs grooming or will be staying with us for a few days, we primp and pamper them as you would. Don't leave your beloved four-legged friend with just any groomer or kennel! Come to Judy's Grooming Pet Supplies & Boarding! We're Manor's signature pet groomer and care kennel. 

Stress Relief

Feeling stressed?  Experience the calming effect of petting a cat.  We have a number of lovable cats that we make available to you.  Just stroking a cat can ease tension and lower blood pressure.  Find one of our felines particularly lovable ask about our adoption process.

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